About the rocket launch:

The launch we will be attending is hosted by DARS (Dallas Area Rocket Society). Info about DARS can be found at www.dars.org.

Our videos from previous launches can be seen here.



     Our family launches Low-Power / Model-Power, Mid-Power, and High-Power rockets.



*** If you have any questions, please give us a call. You can also email us: k at squished dot org***

Where (Directions):

    From 380:
  1. Head North on Preston from 380
        for approximately 16 miles
        (thru Prosper)
        (thru Celina)
  2. Turn left onto W. Main Street
        (This intersection does not have a light.)
  3. Go approximately 1.7 miles,
        then turn left (southbound) onto Westman Road.
  4. Go approximately 1 mile,
        then stay right at the Y-intersection
        onto Stiff Chapel Road.
  5. Go approximately 1.4 miles
        (past Old Scaggs School Road)
        to a green double farm gate on the left (south) side of the road.
        We will fly in that pasture.
    This map from Google Maps will provide a good estimate for the location, possibly including alternate routes:
    Google Map

    More info about the location can be found at www.dars.org. Click on “Calendar” on the left. Find the date of the launch. Click on “map and field information”.

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